How We Can Help

Advice and Information Drop-in

Our advice and information drop-in can help with a wide range of issues and problems so just walk through the yellow door and let us know how we can help you.

Support finding work, training and education

Our advice and information drop-in workers can give you one-on-one support to help you connect with the learning, training and work opportunities. In the drop-in you can access the internet for job searches, receive mentoring to set goals and discuss your ambitions, you can develop a CV and hone your interview skills. Our workers can also offer support and advice to help find the right career for you.

Help with housing and homelessness

We do not provide accommodation but our drop-in workers can support you through the whole process of obtaining accommodation or sustaining your existing housing.

Our workers can help explain your situation to housing services and providers, when possible helping you remain in your property, supporting you to negotiate and pay rent arrears, deal with disrepair issues and supporting you with the eviction process.

They can also help you explore different housing options, explain your housing rights, look for accommodation in the private rented sector, negotiate with landlords, help you claim benefits and make referrals to specialist housing schemes.

Finally, when you find accommodation our workers can advise on your rights and responsibilities and help you with the life skills needed to sustained your tenancy.

Drug and alcohol advice, information and support

We can provide you with friendly and expert advice on drugs and alcohol. We can help you to understand the effects of using drugs and/or alcohol and support you to reduce your use if that is what you want. If a member of your family, parent or carer is abusing drugs or alcohol we can offer you help to understand and cope with their addiction. Our services are completely confidential and we will never share what you tell us without asking your permission first. That means you can tell us things without worrying about getting into trouble with your family, your school or other people. As well as one-to-one work, we offer a range of early intervention programmes in schools, youth clubs and helping young people to make informed and safer choices.


Benefits can be complicated and hard to understand, our advice and information workers can help you find out which benefits and how much you are entitled to. They can help you apply for them including helping you complete forms both on paper and online. They can speak to the benefit agencies on your behalf and help you with appeals and medical assessments.

Someone to talk to, someone who will listen

It doesn’t matter what is bothering you, Relationship issues, domestic abuse, family problems, debt, poverty…….. our drop-in workers are here to listen and support you. Come through the yellow door and let us know how we can help.

Our other services include

For help you can pop into our Advice and Information Drop-in through the yellow door, at St Nicholas Centre, 208 Long Road, Canvey Island, SS8 0JR, call us on 01268 683431 or 01268 514792, text 07436 102825 or email